Extra Form
Year 2016
Affiliation HongIk University
Designer Hyunyong Cho, Hwachan Lee, Minjeong Kim, Minsun Choi, Sooah Park
Description(English) Nowadays, the carry-on bags are being filled with digital devices instead of analog stationaries. Then even though people carry a lot of digital devices all together, they usually needed to be carried separately and each of them with large pouch. TOOLS is a compact digital device kit design that helps this unnecessary packages to be gone and also provides new usability and portability for the modern people.
Description(Native) 현대인의 가방에는 펜과 연필과 같은 아날로그 용품들 대신 다양한 디지털 장비들이 그 공간을 차지하고 있습니다. 그리고 그러한 다양한 장비들은 망가짐을 방지하기 위해 보통 각자의 패키지가 필요하고 그것들은 가방 안에서 많은 공간을 차지합니다. TOOLS는 이러한 불필요한 패키지들을 없애고 새로운 사용성과 휴대성을 제공해주는 디지털 디바이스 키트 디자인입니다.

  2. Extend . Extending

  3. STINGRAY-waterjet Electronic Surfboard

  4. EZI, the DIY paper lighting


  6. Bechou

  7. Care system for senior's residence "FLUGUN-S"

  8. Universal Design Platform System

  9. M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2016 identity and promotional materials

  10. the Turnover Pacifier

  11. ‘SeptFest 2015’ identity and publicity materials

  12. Child-ish Beer Packaging

  13. Premium Titanium Dish

  14. Liptiquette

  15. Moni Longjing TEA-MOUNTEA

  16. PAOPAO Pet Manager

  17. Nuts Snack Series

  18. LIFEASE Brand Identity

  19. Flicka

  20. PICKLE

  21. Tools.

  22. Holder Battery

  23. Invert Spray

  24. Feel the baby kick


  26. Lift-ring Battery


  28. KaraBurner

  29. childbirth kit

  30. Roll Paper Core

  31. Eco tap

  32. UHPC(ultra Hybrid Persona Computer)

  33. Find an Available Clothhanger

  34. White Knives


  36. LASURE [Laser+Measure]

  37. Shiny Bear

  38. SHARE

  39. Splash

  40. TEAR

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Sketchbook5, 스케치북5


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