Extra Form
Country Taiwan
Year 2017
Affiliation CHI-TORCH Interior Design
Designer Ciro Liu
Description(English) The major characteristic of this residence is "memories". Therefore, we reduced the number of colors used to the minimum. The only color left is blue, which represents the concept of old memories. The only diagonal line used in the design is from CKS memorial hall rooftop, it not only represents old memories, but also represents the lines of a future, harmonized life brought together by the cross-culture couple. Using different angles of diagonal lines to form a front view, using different heights as elements, finally, this painting is done with these elements. It is also an intermingled story of two individuals with beyond-limit beliefs. When there are not only horizontals and verticals, the beauty of the space is shown by more than one face.
Description(Native) 在這個空間裡最大的風格是「回憶」!於是我們刻意將彩度降到最低,唯一有的顏色是回憶中的藍色;把造型降到最簡約,唯一有的造型是回憶裡中正紀念堂屋頂的斜線,而這些斜線不僅代表回憶,也代表著來自不同國家文化的新婚屋主在未來將會交織出獨特又和諧的生活。 利用不同角度的直線構成一個平面;利用不同高度的平面構成一個元素;利用各個不同的元素構成一幅畫。這幅畫代表兩個截然不同的人所交織而成的故事,不同角度的放射線超越限制的彼此交織,當一切不再只是垂直水平,所有的一切都開始超限的表達,空間就不再只有一種表情了。
Website http://www.chitorch.com/
  1. Experiencing a Japanese-style Fantasy

  2. The Ki, The River, The Music

  3. Cha Liou Japanese barbecue restaurant

  4. Life Beyond Ordinariness

  5. Life extension

  6. In-Between

  7. A Residence Spilled with Lights and Shadows

  8. Agitation Between Movement

  9. Dubu House

  10. Gratification and Consciousness in Living

  11. Lights across the Tree

  12. Lounge 18

  13. Soundrise Design Pavilion

  14. Soundrise Headquarter

  15. Yao Jian Zhu

  16. Extended lines

  17. The Delicacy Seen in Original

  18. Transmission-Field tandem

  19. Bright, Open Space

  20. The Design Presenting in Lines and Rectangles

  21. The Idea of Multifunctional Screen

  22. The New Oriental Art in Westernized Chinese Style

  23. The Residence of All Purpose

  24. The Residence of Sincerity light

  25. The Vivid Postures

  26. An acre of sunshine

  27. Companionship

  28. Compare and Contrast

  29. Demarcation-breaking

  30. O house

  31. Yin Yang

  32. Z house

  33. A chairs

  34. A Touch of Oriental Charm

  35. Green Places Community Clubhouse



  38. DOMA-Lobby Stretched

  39. Embrace

  40. KOKO Store

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Sketchbook5, 스케치북5

Sketchbook5, 스케치북5

Sketchbook5, 스케치북5


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