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Country Taiwan
Year 2018
Designer Shi-Zhe Luo
Description(English) Built in five floors, the house with sufficient sunlight demonstrates magnificent characteristics, of which the elegant styles present by the ceiling, floors, walls and column beans consistently display dignified atmosphere. The daylight scattering around the residence reveals the civilization of humanity that accordantly merges with the residential environment. The staircases, with steel structure, are decorated along the walls upward between the living and dining room. Due to a number of glass furnished on the first floor, the residence enjoys the comfort from sufficient sunlight.
Description(Native) 挑高五層開闊明堂,輔以大宅邸格局,線條於天地壁面或直或橫各自鋪陳,呼應建築體中樑柱間層次錯落,演繹出一室大器。光透映照出雅緻品味,具深厚人文底蘊之大宅,以極簡風格鋪陳出與生活的和諧共存。 整室以淡然優雅之淺色系為主軸,黑白深淺對比照色為輔。米色系洞石於主牆面伸展,雙廳之地併和梯邊挑高五層大氣之高牆,以長寬超一米的銀灰大理石大氣鋪陳延展,減少邊界銜接,讓細節氣質更具豪邸之韻,簡約磅薄,帶動場域氣勢。 樓梯材為極簡鋼構,於雙廳中頂天立地,延伸梯邊壁面而上,貫穿整棟建築。空間中採光性極佳,室內外帷幕通透,充分引景輔光。除一樓雙邊均有窗,挑高二樓處整大面窗台亦引光透入樓,加上梯間開闊延伸置頂,輔室頂之光透亦貫穿整棟樓層,光透能量引導空間動線,讓整室光合處處涵氧。 業主長期旅居國外,期望設計團隊打造出有別於市場上一般流行隨媚之室內作品,並以開放通透之場域結構為理想概念打造此空間,創造無礙之生活動線。從凝聚力度高的客廳過場,延伸至餐桌區域端景,再連接至複合式吧檯與配備俱全的開放式廚房,如此串連成一循序漸進的動線,供迎、供聚、供享、供食之大場域,使家的溫馨更具能量。
Website www.cs-design.com.tw
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