Green Life

Extra Form
Country Taiwan
Year 2018
Affiliation PJ Interior Design
Description(English) The natural elements help to relax nerves and restore concentration. We hope the residence space can really reflect the effect of the activities in the space. Therefore, the greenhouse is introduced to the study, which aims to help the readers concentrate through the plants. As for the design technique, the major natural and simple materials are accompanied by the clear-cut metal, iron pieces, and glass to manifest modernity. Besides the natural materials, the handmade paint wall in the grey base will effectively increase the efficacy of mind calmness and concentration by simulating the landscape colors
Description(Native) 自然元素有助於鬆弛神經,使注意力恢復。 我們希望住宅空間能真正體現在空間內活動的成效, 因此將溫室植入書房。 藉此讓植物幫助閱讀者精神的集中。 設計手法方面 以自然質樸的素材為主,搭配俐落的金屬、鐵件、玻璃,凸顯現代感。 除了自然材質再配上灰色基底的手工漆的牆面。 透過模擬景觀顏色,有效提升身心安定,達到專心的成效。
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