Extra Form
Country Taiwan
Year 2018
Affiliation ARCH Interior Design Co.,Ltd
Designer Michael Tu
Description(English) Compose is a foreseeable space in the future. Design and life will improvement and expansion are the fuels to make it a media where people may share and display to ignite sparks that can’t be defined while offering people a chance to experience a space that is both aesthetic and intelligent. It will become a micro-public space for speeches, exhibitions, reading, activities, creativity and cooperation. In terms of various spatial interfaces, light materials and elements that are see-through, hollowed-out, interconnected and with low obstruction are applied so that the possibility of complete openness becomes the spatial intent.
Description(Native) 構享聚落,是由眼前所見的空間,拓展而出一個未來可見、可觸及的開放場域。設計與生活互為主體,提昇與拓展為動能,讓空間成為人分享、展示的媒介,產生不被定義的火花,並提供美學質感、智能生活的空間體驗,期望成為演講、展覽、閱讀、咖啡、活動、共創合作的微公眾性場域。在各空間介面上,以穿透、鏤空、相連與低阻隔的輕盈材料與元素處理,讓連動開放的可能性成為空間意圖。
Website www.arch-design.com.tw
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Sketchbook5, 스케치북5


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