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Country Taiwan
Year 2018
Affiliation SKY Architectural Space Planning and Design
Designer Kenneth Wen
Description(English) To present the idea into the architecture that the universal elements, including sun, air, plant and water breeding nature, the designer figuratively integrates the biological features of gerridae with the local civilization that transforms into the architectural framework, which implies the secured happiness as the fortress protecting the family. The smooth design layout guarantees the sufficient sunlight in the house. The building adorned with plants and pools emphasizes the conception of green building full of ingenious design skills.
Description(Native) 室內動線以採光做考量,光與空氣的通透反映室內動線的通達流暢。植物綠化性與水池景觀和降溫功能反映綠建築概念,自然拓樸於室內細部處處可見其巧思。 主牆面以台灣清水模貫穿全棟室內表皮,細部中配搭石材與原木調和出不同風韻層次。室內質材粗曠與細膩並置,大氣表現原始鋪陳但於收邊優雅。設計師表示空間狀態要達輕鬆舒適,物件不要過多複雜,重視比重平衡,達成視覺協調。 甫進門見融合傳統四合院基底食堂,以檜木為材獨特日式下榻餐區,與一旁乾淨流線的西式廚房銜接同區。兩者風格迴異的物件相容並蓄。設計師巧妙以黑調混原木色方式讓之相容去差異。室內原始材亦多方使用黑系的內斂來平衡粗曠,使視覺細緻具質感。 員工休息區強調舒適,卡拉拉白配搭粗曠水泥呈協調混搭。拉下象徵黽眼睛部位的窗戶簾幕,可以看電影,感受好音質,坐於設計師品牌Poltrona Frau、Archibald King、ligne roset、Kartell等沙發或坐椅,享受當下舒適價值。此區配置有吧檯、餐區、互動間、畫室等使休憩時光更多元。
Website www.facebook.com/skydesign95
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