Extra Form
Country Taiwan
Year 2018
Affiliation X-Line Design Co ., Ltd.
Designer ChihChungShen
Description(English) This case is located in Taichung, and the owners are fond of appreciating the most original texture of materials. Therefore, the designing core of this case is to transform the owners’ past living experience and aesthetic taste into the design, and interpret art with the purest simple aesthetics. A long corridor was extended from the entry to reduce redundant segmentation, while the gray-tone was used to create the outline of the space. Also, mottled and rusty rebar, slightly rugged primitive plate mold cement wall, and recycled material were reused to present its natural aesthetics.
Description(Native) 想像一下,當打開家門,映入眼簾的是如同藝術創作的居家場景,是多麼賞心悅目的生活體驗。本案位於台中,室內空間約130平方公尺,居住成員為夫婦與三個孩子,由於多年閱讀外國設計雜誌的習慣,屋主喜好欣賞材質本身最原始的肌理紋路,希望以簡約、獨到的形式,打造夢想中的藝術居家風,故花了多年時間尋找有契合理念的設計師。故本案設計核心為將屋主過往的生活經歷與美學品味化為設計語彙,以藝術的思維與角度出發,將美學體現在家中每一處角落,設計出獨一無二的樣貌。 為演繹藝術最純粹的簡約美學,從玄關開始拉出一個長廊,減少多餘的隔間屏蔽,增加光線與空氣的流動感,藉由植入半遮擋懸浮的量體,區分內外場域的隱蔽與公共性質,也傳遞出景深的延續,帶出光影跟原始材質間的變化,呼應大自然最本質的美感。為呈現材質本身的質樸不做作,以灰色調打造空間輪廓,並選擇以斑駁鏽蝕的鋼筋、略帶粗曠的原始板模水泥牆面以及廢棄回收材料再度重現自然美感,像是透過工匠的一筆一畫的斧鑿痕跡,以牆面作畫,創作出獨一無二的電視主牆,重新定義手工藝術與天然肌理的天作之合,看似平凡的廢棄鋼鐵在巧思下成為如同雕塑品般的壁面書架,而天花板上的舊有消防水管,蛻變為藝術作品,以不規律的走向與高低交錯強化立體層次,設計師藉由回歸材質基本樣貌,勾勒出本質美學的特色”平凡卻又美麗”。
Positive Comments
  1. Dining in Nature

  2. Light Waterfall

  3. Sunny Apartment

  4. Homeland

  5. Sanctuaire

  6. Turning

  7. Tetraforest

  8. Floral Pavilion

  9. House in Nakagawa

  10. Dream Lab

  11. Complex library

  12. Zhonghai Office

  13. Zhongnan Mansion

  14. Lotus Art Square

  15. Sky City

  16. Boundless

  17. En Plein Ciel 2

  18. Jacobs

  19. Teppanyaki Himawari

  20. The Origins of Style

  21. Yuli Design Studio

  22. Mua House

  23. The gaze of whitenes

  24. Chien House

  25. Extension

  26. Jurassic Museum

  27. OMG Club

  28. Scenery of Fuchun

  29. Stories Container

  30. Villa 7

  31. Xmas’ T(RE)e Nursery

  32. It’s you.

  33. Essential Sculpture

  34. Fortress

  35. KEC TPE

  36. Live China

  37. Morrison

  38. No Boundaries

  39. Orchid Thai Spa

  40. original life

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