Useful Edge


Extra Form
Year 2016
Affiliation School of Design , Dalian Nationalities University
Designer Yu Chen, Xianming Yin, Jiale Hou, Jie Zhang, Chuanyin Wang
Description(English) Useful Edge would overcome these shortcomings by a small modification on the edge of the tape, allowing easy tearing and departing. This makes it convenient and efficient for use. The wave-shaped edge without glue allows a small space for finger to pull the paper apart from the glue, after it is pasted on certain surface. At the same time, the wave shape is convenient for tearing the tape at any length. Its shape is also more interesting than the ordinary one.
Description(Native) Useful Edge通过对现有胶带的边缘进行小小改造,使双面胶在揭开和撕断上更加容易,让使用过程更加舒适、便捷、快速。当Useful Edge双面胶粘在纸上之后,因为其边缘波浪形状的纸面部分没有附着胶面,所以给手指留下足够的抓捏面积,很容易被掀起。同时,也更容易从没有附着胶面的波浪形侧面被撕开。另外,它完美的波浪曲线给双面胶本身带来了相当优雅的造型美感。
Website http://dlnu.edu.cn
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