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Country Taiwan
Year 2017
Affiliation Wyson Int'l Architecture Interior Design
Designer Chia-Hung Weng
Description(English) The design of cold-blue frames, white surface in layers, bright lights make the façade and indoor space dazzling, which transform the restaurant into a style of renewed vigor and technology. The seats area is decorated with the style of contemporary Japanese-style exposed concrete, where the grey ceiling, floor and walls bring out black. The black represents the silhouette of the objects, which expressing the story of the space and the content of the activities. In the meantime, the center area that is decorated with the warm-colors logs and red presenting the sun of flag of Japan.
Description(Native) 冷色系藍框與漸層白面、燈光白線在立面與內部空間耀眼奪目,成為清爽帶有科技感的店家形象。室內座位區基底則以展現現代日式風範的仿清水模美耐板,灰階圍塑天地壁並映襯黑色,黑色則是空間物件充分配合光下的使用者剪影,表達空間的故事與活動內容,並在焦點處採取暖系的原木色肌理以及主題的太陽紅色,靈活的亮暗與色彩運用,明確了場域性與空間性格。
Website http://www.wyson-interior.com/
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