Extra Form
Country Hong Kong
Year 2017
Affiliation SamsonWong Design Group Ltd
Designer Mr. Samson Wong
Description(English) The chief designer, who has studied Interior Architecture in Australia, sticks to one dominant triangular pattern throughout the shop and adds accent light colors in white, red and blue with meticulous skills. By using them individually, in pairs, or mixing different sizes and directions, those demonstrative LED lamp clusters with project photos have been designed to create a large, light-filled display area, futuristic yet with a sentimental flashback to the company’s main achievements, the second storey serves as an administrative area, covered all in white, with extremely clean aesthetics.
Description(Native) 品牌以形象先行,概念則為形象立標。康華室內設計向顧客表述的,乃大膽無畏、用心建築之另類專業形象,其概念店地舖以強烈穩重,且最代表建築的三角幾何,作無限視覺鋪展元素,滿牆疊疊加加的小三角形展示框,盡是未來況味,兼具系統化回顧亮麗往績的功能。當走近其中小小三角形展示框欣賞時,正等如凝視更大三角形結構之一部分,並沒離開過精心安排的整體店舖格局。 裝錶方式極前衛,卻是設計師個人在澳洲大學修讀室內建築時,曾用簡單PVC坑板和鋅鐵架做概念性實驗、建築外牆之感性回歸;樓上辦公區全白,貫徹毫不畏首畏尾的型酷作風,帶出品牌宣揚的尖端、非凡真品味。科幻燈光是精粹所在,LED燈藏於鋅鐵架內,日夜隨心情變換出白與紅藍光戲法,附近屋邨居民也被吸引而至,踏進畫廊般的概念店,順線性移步探索,細讀牆上不同階段驚喜設計案例。展示區爵士白雲石地板,配線條圓渾單座椅及地毯,加上水泥階梯連接兩層,為概念超前的空間添溫和韻致。
  1. [JY-R700]_Acoustic Vacuum Tube Type Bluetooth Speaker

  2. [W500]Bluetooth Neckband headset with built-in speaker

  3. Barrisol 3D Lighting


  5. Cloudscape Chair

  6. doodam

  7. Jack A4

  8. A flexible curved toothbrush

  9. Bi-narae

  10. Egg light

  11. Hexa Prism


  13. snake cube

  14. Minimalist Laptop Stand by OBXET

  15. Air Toaster


  17. Moments

  18. No-1 series

  19. RUKI

  20. Wheel Whistle



  23. Maetdol

  24. My-cans

  25. PIVS

  26. Portable Track Detector

  27. Seesaw cover

  28. A Residence Spilled with Lights and Shadows

  29. Agitation Between Movement

  30. beyond expression

  31. Bright and Fierce

  32. Dubu House

  33. Gratification and Consciousness in Living

  34. HOTEL THE Grandee

  35. Inuo Mental Hospital

  36. Lights across the Tree

  37. Lotus Farm

  38. Lounge 18

  39. Metallic Ocean Myth

  40. Modern British Industrialism

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K-Design Award breaks away from formative simplicity and complexity and grants true value on the potentials of creation into products as well as outstanding ideas which are specified with great design. With this aim in mind, we are anticipating different works, which consist of the best ideasandare created by designers, companies, design organizations, and design studios, that are constructed into exceptional forms of design.




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