Logo License


There is no specific fixed usage period, and the logos can be used indefinitely for the award-winning works only. The winner's logo automatically signifies the award. You will receive a digital logo along with a guidance file, which can be used both online and offline. Examples include product advertising, online promotion, press releases, etc. The winning package will be delivered after the payment due date.


Online Exihibition


All winning submissions will be featured automatically on the K Design Award website. The online exhibition will not only provide continued exposure on the internet but also bestow the honor of the award. The winner's package will be sent after the online exhibition.


Designsori, the organizer of the KDA, is one of Korea’s representative design media corporations. It is also one of the most recognized design award organizers in the Korean design scene. Designsori has been capturing designers’ stories for the past 15 years. The online exhibitions of the KDA, along with its YouTube channel (42,000 subscribers), have inspired designers across Asia. We continue to discover valuable designs and share them with the world through the online exhibitions of the KDA.


Custom Font


The K Design Award font is a geometric sans-serif typeface with minimized stroke contrast. Its precisely designed and well-balanced structure exposes a creative impression. The font is optically adjusted to appear monolinear. Stylistic Alternates add an ingenious flavor to the typographic textures. The custom font features near-perfect circular counters and terminals sheared perpendicular to the angle of the stroke.



Winner Certification


The K Design Award provides a winner logo based on the ranking. The winner logo will validate your award and is effective for informing your clients, the media, and other groups about your achievement. We provide you with the winner logo, and all winners are entitled to use it. Winner logos are available for use both online and offline.




We publish the K Design Award yearbook annually, featuring all winning submissions. We document and deliver them to selected winners. We consider 'tone and manner' as the most important design element. There should be reasons even when one line is drawn, and all organizations should be harmonious with consistency. This consistency should last for a long time.

One of our favorite cases is 'Penguin Books' in the UK. As a business that publishes collections each year, their sincerity in designing for more people to read their books, a tradition spanning over 80 years, and the resulting productivity are very impressive. Therefore, we do not intend to change the cover design of Design Sori for the next 100 years. Drawing inspiration from the consistent cover design and clear purpose of Penguin Books, the cover of the ADP's award-winning works has maintained the originality that we have pursued since its first publication.

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Ranking Top 100 Logo-Kit


The K Design Award annually announces the top 100 companies in the global ranking. We pay tribute to companies that have become models for designers worldwide, showcasing outstanding design, insight, and numerous entries. We provide special logo kits exclusively for the global top 100 companies. Companies in the ranking can use the logo kit freely without restrictions. However, variations in the year or design are not permitted.

(KUDOS TOP PERFORMERS - 500 point / GRAND PRIZE - 300 point / GOLD - 250 point / WINNER - 100 point)



K设计大奖是由 DESIGNSORI Co., Ltd. 主办并举办,取消了造型的简单性和复杂性,不仅通过优秀的设计实现创意的具体化,并赋予产品创造潜力真正的价值。以这样的目标为基础,期待着由设计者,公司,设计机关及设计工作室推出最佳的设计理念,构成卓越的设计形态,制作出有创意的作品。


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