Origin / Eyeglasses


Extra Form
Country Korea
Year 2017
Affiliation VAO
Designer Donghyuk Kim, Mingyu Jung, Mihae Park, Jonghwan Park, Junghwa Seo
Description(English) It is the design of glasses with the light atmosphere, which has been developed focusing on their elemental shape and ergonomic functionality considering the people wearing them. The temples of these glasses were produced based on the head circumstance and can be bent with their ergonomic design, enabling users to feel comfortable when wearing these glasses. The material used for them is the combination of beta titanium and superelastic stainless steel, which fulfills both of the lightweightness and the solidity in contrast to other materials and emphasizes its functional distinction.
Description(Native) 원초적인 형태와 사람을 배려한 기능성을 중심으로 개발된 라이트한 느낌의 안경 디자인입니다. 사람의 머리 둘레를 고려하여 제작된 안경 다리는 인체공학적으로 벤딩되어 편안한 착용감을 느낄 수 있습니다. 소재는 베타 티타늄과 초탄성 스테인리스의 조합으로 이루어져 다른 제품들과 다르게 경량성과 견고함을 함께 잡아 기능적인 차별성을 강조했습니다.
Website http://blog.naver.com/sand_glass_
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