Extra Form
Country China
Year 2017
Affiliation Zhejiang University of Technology
Designer Xiangyu Bai, Yangyang Tu, Xingyu Xu
Description(English) Man will always feel tired on a journey . Some international flight even takes over ten hours on the way . It’s a tough time for the passengers in the economy class . This design is aimed at giving them something to rely on so that they can sleep simply and comfortably . Using the “Easy Rest” , the passengers will never knock into the wall or neighbor .
We add a pillow that can be lift up on the side of the traditional seat through a simple mechanical connection . Passengers can lift them up to a suitable location and get them fixed . After waking up , you can lift them up to the top and they will back to the original position .
Description(Native) 旅途往往是疲惫的,有些跨国航班甚至要离地十几小时,而这段时间对于经济舱里疲惫的旅者而言无疑是一段煎熬,本设计就是为了让他们在感觉到疲惫的时候能够有个依靠,简单而又舒服的睡上一觉,不会靠到邻座、震动的墙壁。所以我们通过简单的机械连接来让传统飞机座椅的侧边加一个可以翻上来的靠枕,使用者可以抬高到合适的位置,为了不让使用时靠枕被压回原位,抬起后就会卡主,只有抬到最高才能放下。
  1. muul light

  2. Ripples

  3. Flowerpot -Watering from the Side

  4. "Z"

  5. Angle

  6. Coinlock

  7. Easy Push Trolley Case

  8. Filter--Storage Box Series


  10. Hourglass Bollard

  11. LE/ON

  12. Life stretcher - The rescue stretcher

  13. Love For The Child

  14. Multi-function Electric Drill

  15. O ket

  16. O-Drone Assisted Water Rescue

  17. O:N

  18. Paper-Funnel

  19. Ponytail helmet

  20. Push & pull sharpener

  21. PUSHE


  23. Suction dryer

  24. Teacup with hourglass

  25. 360° Underwater Toy Action Cam

  26. 3Driver

  27. Helium stretcher

  28. OOINO Mini Refrigerator

  29. Protect Bee

  30. Smart Net

  31. “Easy Rest”Flight Seat

  32. Life Beyond Ordinariness

  33. T Weekend Residence

  34. Life extension

  35. Red Square House


  37. In-Between

  38. Edge-up

  39. Oriental Herb Packaging design from Kwangdong

  40. The package design of Kwangdong Ssang Wha

  41. Zero Zero Brand Design

  42. CommeNana

  43. Vanishing Crafts

  44. Pack Rack

  45. Together

  46. Samsung Software Membesrship Brand Design

  47. Xin

  48. Celadon Type Art Pendent Lighting

  49. Dentshot

  50. Diana / Limless Frame Sunglasses

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Sketchbook5, 스케치북5


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