Extra Form
Country Korea
Year 2017
Affiliation SADI(Samsung Art and Design Institute)
Designer Jung Myeongha, Huh Woojong
Description(English) Fast and safe rescue is required when someone falls into the water, but if you are swimming to the drowning people to rescue them, it is the time-consuming and dangerous way for both of the rescuer and the drowning people and if you are throwing a flotation device such as rescue tube, rope etc., it is the inaccurate way to reach the person and even the drowning people are far away from land, it is impossible to throw a flotation device to them. Using O-Drone, you can easily access the range of the drowning people quickly and accurately, and by spreading the rescue tube which is built in the drone, can save the drowning people safely.
Description(Native) WHO에 따르면(2014 GLOBAL REPORT ON DROWNING), 전 세계적으로 매년 372,000명이 익사로 사망한다. 익수자 발생 시 빠르고 안전한 구조가 필요하지만 구조자가 직접 익수자에게 가기에는 시간이 많이 지체되고 위험하며, 익수자에게 밧줄이나 튜브 등을 던지기에는 정확도가 떨어지고, 육지에서 멀리 떨어져 있는 경우 구조 물품을 던져줄 수조차 없다. O-Drone(오드론)을 통해, 구조자는 컨트롤러로 드론을 조종하여 정확하고 신속하게 익수자의 사정거리 안에 도달할 수 있고, 드론 안에 내장된 튜브를 펼쳐 익수자를 안전하게 구조할 수 있다.
  1. BTS [WINGS] Album Branding Design

  2. SWING

  3. BABY CARRIERS is patented for its unique ergonomic

  4. Bar-type Portable Projector by Mobile Tail

  5. Fragrance-oil diffuser for minimal life

  6. Rayo

  7. Smart Spin Light

  8. Tok Talk

  9. All in one fire fighting

  10. Clip&Cut

  11. muul light

  12. Ripples

  13. Flowerpot -Watering from the Side

  14. "Z"

  15. Angle

  16. Coinlock

  17. Easy Push Trolley Case

  18. Filter--Storage Box Series


  20. Hourglass Bollard

  21. LE/ON

  22. Life stretcher - The rescue stretcher

  23. Love For The Child

  24. Multi-function Electric Drill

  25. O ket

  26. O-Drone Assisted Water Rescue

  27. O:N

  28. Paper-Funnel

  29. Ponytail helmet

  30. Push & pull sharpener

  31. PUSHE


  33. Suction dryer

  34. Teacup with hourglass

  35. 360° Underwater Toy Action Cam

  36. 3Driver

  37. Helium stretcher

  38. OOINO Mini Refrigerator

  39. Protect Bee

  40. Smart Net

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Sketchbook5, 스케치북5

Sketchbook5, 스케치북5

Sketchbook5, 스케치북5


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