Extra Form
Country China
Year 2018
Affiliation Beijing City University
Designer GuoXin, QiuQi, ZengYuxin, ZhouZhiyi
Description(English) JUST ONE is a stretcher that only need one person to operate.When there is a disaster, there will be a large number of wounded people who need to be transported. At this time, a stretcher needs at least two rescuer to use it. Therefore, this design adds a wheel at the end of the stretcher handle so that only one rescuer can easily pull the stretcher and transport the wounded. Due to the feature of the recliner in this stretcher, the wounded will not feel uncomfortable when it is transferred. This stretcher also has an infusion stand,the wounded can receive infusions and have a rest when it convert to seat mode.
Description(Native) JUST ONE是一副只要一个人就能操作的担架。当有灾难发生时会有大量的伤员需要搬运转移,此时一副担架需要至少两个急救员来使用,占用了大量的救援人员导致多个伤员不能同时被救助。现有担架搬运伤员的方式笨拙而且很累。 因此本设计在担架把手末端加了一个轮子,这样只需要一个救援人员就能轻松地拉动担架来转移伤员。由于担架具备躺椅的特征使得伤员在被转移时不会感到不适。这个担架还有一个输液架,当它转换到座位模式时,伤员可以接受输液并休息。
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Sketchbook5, 스케치북5

Sketchbook5, 스케치북5


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