Extra Form
Country China
Year 2018
Affiliation KLID(Kris Lin Internatinal Design)
Designer Kris Lin, Jiayu Yang
Description(English) This case is mock-up of office building, in which the investment is invited and leased through marketing mode of the mock-up. The overall design is consisted of irregular geometries with clear lines and LED lights which are not only for illumination but also for decoration. All these perfectly harmonize power and art which show strong sense of both architecture and future. In the color, we apply brown and beige series of different darkness, which keeps the harmonization of beauty and emphasizes changes and difference of colors, while creating rhythms and layers of space.
Description(Native) 本案设定为办公室的“样板间”,结合“样板间”间的营销模式来行办公楼的招商和招租。 整体设计通过不规则的几何构成,简明利落的线条和兼具照明和装饰效果的LED灯具,将力量与艺术完美交融,有着强烈的建筑意味和未来感。用色方面,深浅不一的棕色系与米色系,在保持着和谐之美的同时,强调色调的错落和变化,营造空间的层次和节奏。木饰面、布艺面和大理石的交替运用,带来丰富的感受性,让硬朗的办公室散发出温暖、雅致的人文气息。此外,考究的金属材质边缘处理,简洁精致的黑色把手和高品位软装,都展现了设计师对细节的悉心把握。 室内空间中希望引入更多的光线,在中心位置营造了一个玻璃盒子的会议室,突破了传统封闭式办公室的设计,如同舞台一样展现办公的状态。
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Sketchbook5, 스케치북5

Sketchbook5, 스케치북5


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