Mobile Ultrasound

Extra Form
Year 2015
Affiliation Inje University
Description(English) In the medically under-served third world such as Africa and underdeveloped countries, the mortality of patients or pregnant women who miss the right time to get treatment due to lack of proper early diagnosis is very high, it is difficult to give correct specialized first aid in the scene of medical emergency due to failure to classify the severity of patients through quick diagnosis, and many patients or old people with limited activities of daily life have difficulty in visiting a hospital in person and undergoing medical examination. The present design began with the idea that ultrasound diagnostic equipment of high portability and convenient usability will be able to save many lives in the above circumstances.   As for the existing mobile diagnostic ultrasound equipment, the main body of the diagnostic equipment and a separate transducer are connected by means of a cable, and this increases the volume of the equipment, which in turn lowers its portability. In addition, the process of preparation for its use is cumbersome, and a user should endure the inconvenience of having to operate the equipment with both hands. The diagnostic equipment of the present design is of a structurally smaller size, combining the main body of the diagnostic equipment, the display, and the transducer into one piece. And it has convenient usability llowing easy unimanual operation as well as a short process of preparation for use, and thus enables quick diagnosis in special and urgent situations. The present mobile diagnostic ultrasound equipment enables immediate diagnosis regardless of time and space in special environment and situations such as medically under-served third-world areas, medical emergency scenes, and a doctor's house call; and contributes to easing global medical imbalance, and raising the efficiency of medical system and the survival rate of patients.
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