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Year 2015
Affiliation Dell Inc.
Description(English) The new Dell UltraSharp 34 U3415W Curved Monitor is the first-in-the-market 34-inch curved monitor with stunning panoramic clarity. It is the perfect monitor for both gamers and the developers who create the games. It achieves cinematic clarity and sharpness with its WQHD 3440 x 2440 resolution, and its ultra-wide 21:9 screen aspect ratio. The monitor was designed to provide an immersive viewing experience by optimizing the field of view which minimizes eye movement thereby delivering a much more comfortable viewing experience than a flat screen. The U3415W monitor offers all of the features that users demand, including a fully adjustable stand, HDMI 2.0, MHL, DisplayPort and Mini DisplayPort connectivity, dual integrated 9 watt speakers, 60Hz performance and, when it’s set up in multi-monitor configuration, a virtually borderless view across multiple screens thanks to its ultra-thin bezels.
The main design problem was to find the ideal curvature for the best viewing experience that was technologically possible. The size and the curvature of the screen are specifically selected based on the design team’s human factors research and investigations to ensure that the screen covers both the primary field-of-view (FOV) as well as the secondary peripheral vision for typical users. The monitor has great user value not only for consumers, gamers, and enthusiasts, but also for commercial customers who are currently using 2 monitors together to create an expanded, more immersive, viewing environment. The technological problem to solve therefore, was how to bend the IPS (in-plane switching) LED panel sufficiently to achieve the desired curvature without the risk of causing light leakage. By balancing the human factors investigations with the technological capabilities of the IPS LED panel, the design team was able to create a 34-inch curved monitor that offers consumers the most optimal, immersive viewing experience. One that is not only cool as heck, but helps reduce eye strain since the user’s focal distance remains more constant as the user pans across the screen. In addition, the focal distance from the edge of the monitor has a smaller variance than a flat screen’s.
Website http://dell.com
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