Extra Form
Year 2016
Affiliation Dalian Nationalities University
Designer Di Wang, Jialin Song, Xuyang Ran, Yuxi Cheng, Song Qiao
Description(English) Usually, the barber needs to carry two or more hair cutting scissors to deal with different requirements, such as trimming and thinning. This results into a waste of time and material. This product combines several scissors together to cut off various volume of hair. The barber may modify the width between teeth to cut different volume of hair. It saves time and cost for the user.
Description(Native) 生活中的理发师都会随身携带两把或两把以上的剪刀,以应对不同梳理和裁剪的需求,这样的情况十分浪费时间和资源,变形理发剪刀这款产品将不同去发量的多种类型的剪刀融为一体,理发师可以根据使用中的需要自由调节剪刀刀口的长度范围,以应对不同去发量的实际需求,大大节约了剪发过程的成本和时间。
Website http://dlnu.edu.cn
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Sketchbook5, 스케치북5


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