Extra Form
Country CHINA
Year 2016
Affiliation Dalian Nationalities University
Designer Liu Yu, Jiakai Guo, Li Fu, Heming Wang, Yumeng He
Description(English) One of the main problems in the Parkinson patients daily life is they have difficulty in writing, especially in some cases where they have to sign, such as housing transfer, contract signature, writing problem becomes more knotty. The lower the center of gravity is ,the more stable the object is, using this principle, Smooth in combines the retractable ballpoint pen. More fluent and smooth writing will be achieved with the transition of gravitational potential energy as the center of gravity change, eliminating the influence of tremor.
Description(Native) 随着世界老龄化社会的来临,帕金森病患病率逐年增长。全球现有560万帕金森病患者。而书写困难是帕金森患者日常生活中最主要的问题之一,而在一些场合,如房屋过户、合同签字等必须需要本人签字的场合,书写困难的问题就更加棘手。smooth利用,物体重心越低就越稳定的原理,结合可伸缩的笔芯,利用重心变化时重力势能的转化,消除震颤的影响,实现更加流畅顺滑的书写。
Website http://dlnu.edu.cn
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  2. Life-saving Whistle

  3. Baby-Magicar

  4. Easy Walking

  5. Useful Edge

  6. Safety Bus

  7. Graphic Marker

  8. Bundling Slippers

  9. Turned Water Bottle

  10. Casual Gardening

  11. BRISA : mobile style air cleaner for your zone

  12. Stone Light

  13. Adult Doodle Coloring

  14. Plus Driver


  16. Assemnle bottle

  17. Solar Waterbag

  18. Bionic besom

  19. Origami animal tickets

  20. Easy welding

  21. Convenient For Pulling

  22. Warm Rescue

  23. SMOOTH

  24. Slim Fit Lounge Chair

  25. Transformation Of Scissors

  26. Integrated Infusion Box

  27. Aim Fire Extinguisher

  28. Extendable Ruler

  29. Inserance Barbell

  30. Smart Drill

  31. SoSole - Sneakers That Talk

  32. Flexible Cover Needle

  33. S Cradle

  34. Toilet Roll Cleaner

  35. Harbor Table

  36. Height Scale

  37. A modulized bag - Detach & Attach


  39. Brush drain cover

  40. Plate-in

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Sketchbook5, 스케치북5

Sketchbook5, 스케치북5

Sketchbook5, 스케치북5

Sketchbook5, 스케치북5


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