Easy welding


Extra Form
Year 2016
Affiliation Dalian Nationalities University
Designer Chui Li, Peiqiang Zhao, Haiobo Zhao, Yu Liu, Ergang Wen
Description(English) In the field of construction and decoration,usually,welding work can be more complicated,Also,it will be harmful to people's health.Because it not only need to carry lots of heavy equipments,but also some welding objects with special shape will bring more difficulities to welding work.Meanwhile,working long hours can influence vision,too.The traditional sellotape inspired us,so that we designed the special sellotape for welding work.——Easy welding.It can stick on the metal like sellotape ,and then the metal inside will melt to finish the welding working by"surface ignition" and chemical reaction.We create a bran-new welding way to simplify the step of work and lower the difficulities of work,and make the welding work more easy,efficient,and safe.
Description(Native) 在建筑和装修领域中,焊接工作通常都比较繁琐,还会对人的健康造成一定的威胁。因为它不仅仅需要携带许多沉重的装备,而且一些特殊形状的焊接物件也给焊接工作带来了更大的困难。同时,长时间的工作会对人的视力产生不良的影响。我们从传统的胶带中得到启发,设计出了这种用于焊接的特殊胶带——Easy welding.它可以像胶带一样粘贴在需要焊接的金属之间,然后通过引燃它外表的物质就可以通过化学反应使包裹在其中的金属融化完成焊接工作。我们创造了一种全新的焊接方式,它极大的简化了工作步骤,降低了工作难度,使焊接工作更加的简单、高效和安全。
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