Extra Form
Year 2016
Affiliation Setmund Leung Design Ltd
Designer Setmund Leung
Description(English) The design inspired me of such a design. As Safe box may deposit massive things which can also be classified neatly, it therefore suits for the furniture design. This cabinet's kitchen combines of many cabinet barrels . This furniture can be used by one to two persons. As a whole, it looks likes an ordinary cabinet. However, after opening different numbers of cabinet barrels of different functions, it may then turn to different variations - a sink, a oven, dining table, seater and more storage space. Since this furniture has to support heavy weight firmly, it has to be made in material of stainless steel board/plate. Moreover, its internal structure has to be specially designed. The rear part of each cabinet barrelis of a complete set of tubular, with different sized stieel pipes and rail (runner), it can then support heavy weight safely. As to conclude, this cabinet's kitchen really suits the needs of those people living in limited space.
Description(Native) 材料:主要是不銹鋼板。這設計靈感是從銀行的保管箱得來的。 由於保管箱可存放大量物件,又可分類整齊,所以十分適合作為家居的傢俱設計。 這個百變櫃 是由很多個 櫃桶組合的。 而每個櫃桶尺寸是150mm(H) x 300m(W),它可讓一人至二人使用,它外表看來像集合多個櫃桶的半高儲物櫃般,但祇要把不同數量和位置的櫃桶開啟後,它可按需要隨時變化成睡床組合、餐台組合,遊戲平臺、書台組合、看電視間、運動間和工作間等等。而它的部分頂部和全部地座可開啟,以供放睡床的床褥和座位的咕。
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