Extra Form
Year 2016
Affiliation .
Designer Setmund Leung
Description(English) A multifunctional apartment with flexible space is always in high demand by the young or the singles. In this 9 meters X 4.81 meters space, metal-runners are used to create different types of living zones, like a house with sliding drawers. The first group of drawers is the kitchen zone. It includes all the necessary cooking equipment and utensils. The dining table and the hidden chairs can be pulled out from the “drawers”. The second group of drawers is the study zone. It also includes all the necessary study equipment like bookshelves, filing cabinet, etc. Likewise, the desk and the chair can be pulled out from the “drawers”. The third group of drawers is the toilet zone. There are washing basin, bathtub, & water-closet & mirror, etc. The drawers pulled out will serve as the sofa in the living area. The last group of drawers is the sleeping area with sleeping bed, wardrobe and big mirror. TV/Hi-Fi set can be pulled out from the drawers creating the living area. Such design can save much space with high flexibility and it suits any person living alone.
Description(Native) 這間祇得9米 x 4.8米的空間裡,設計了一大組仿似抽屜式的屋子。它像抽屜般利用了金屬路軌來拉趟出不同的生活區域來。第一組抽屜是廚房區,它集齊廚房應有的設備,如爐具和電器設備等,而餐枱連隱 藏式餐椅則由 抽屜’ 拉出。 第二組抽屜是書房區,它亦有齊書房的設備,如書櫃、飾櫃和檔架等,而書枱隱 藏式座椅則亦由 ‘櫃桶’ 拉出。 第三組抽屜是如衛浴間,它有浴缸、洗面盤及座廁等的設備,如面鏡和貯物櫃,但 抽屜’ 拉出的是作為客廳的沙發。 最後一組抽屜是睡房區,內有睡床、衣櫃及大鏡的設備,而‘抽屜’ 拉出的 亦是作為客廳用途的電視/音器組合櫃,再拉出沙發抽屜就會演變出客廳來。
  1. ByeCAL

  2. Ice Shed

  3. 2IN1 Washing machine

  4. Cabinet's Kitchen

  5. Fireball (Auto Extinguisher)

  6. Bottle camping lantern

  7. Free Hoop Hanger

  8. Looking For Thread

  9. Switch Bucket

  10. Water to Wind

  11. Batter board

  12. Warning triangle capsule

  13. Warm Love

  14. Bounce Signal Pedal

  15. Rolling Fan

  16. Interiority bangle

  17. Swing Door lock

  18. Drawer

  19. SFUN BOX

  20. Alienware Area 51

  21. BT 330 NC

  22. U+tvG 4K UHD

  23. Free Measurement

  24. Company Magazine of LOTTE FOODS

  25. ViewFit Sparkling

  26. Carved bowls

  27. Ecocapsule

  28. Linear Floor

  29. Farm Direct

  30. The new Sorento


  32. <Love Village>, E-book Project about Sex Education

  33. The footprints of love

  34. Anti-blocking Glue

  35. STROKE

  36. planetary exploration

  37. BT 110

  38. Dell XPS 13

  39. Dell UltraSharp 34 Curved Monitor

  40. Social Transience : ReImagining the Regional Train

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Sketchbook5, 스케치북5

Sketchbook5, 스케치북5

Sketchbook5, 스케치북5


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