K-DESIGN AWARD provides winner logo in accordance with the ranking. Winner logo will ensure your award. They will be also effective to inform your client, media, and other groups of your award. We provide you with winner logo. All winners will be entitled to use the winner logo. Winner logos are available both online and offline. A frame award certificate designed by a professor of Osaka University of Arts 'Yoshimaru Takahashi' is provided. 


There is no specific use period fixed and they can be used unlimited for the award-winning works only. Winner logo automatically ensures the award. You will receive a digital logo accompanied by a guidance file. You can use the digital logo both online and offline. Examples include product advertising, online pro-motion, press release etc. Winning package will be delivered after the due date of the payment. 



We publish K-Design Award yearbook annually featuring all winning submissions. We will document and deliver them to selected winners. 



All winning submissions will be featured automatically on the K-Design Award website. The online exhibition will not only have a continued exposure in internet but also take the honor of the award. The online exhibition will be completed after the ceremony.


All winners will be offered to be interviewed for the chance to be featured in DESIGNSORI(www.designsori.com) media.



To celebrate and harvest full potential of design, we also host annual ceremony and winner party. Only winners can attend for both events. Winner party provides a great opportunity to hear the story of the renowned judges. Main prize winners can also request to have an opportunity to tell their stories in prior to the event. The awards ceremony will be conducted during the second half of the event and winner certificate will be presented to all participating winners. 

The 2018 award ceremony is held in Shanghai China. The place may be changed to other country owing to circumstances of the Office of Operations. 200 attendees are accepted in order of application and all attendees are additionally provided with award certificates. Once an attendance fee is paid in the application is complete and the application accepted cannot be canceled.


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K-Design Award breaks away from formative simplicity and complexity and grants true value on the potentials of creation into products as well as outstanding ideas which are specified with great design. With this aim in mind, we are anticipating different works, which consist of the best ideasandare created by designers, companies, design organizations, and design studios, that are constructed into exceptional forms of design.




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