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Country Hong Kong
Year 2018
Affiliation Pure AW’s Designers Ltd
Designer Andy Wan
Description(English) A clean and bright abode infusing natural materials contributes to a stylish retreat from hectic city life. Modest color scheme of grey was used in living and kitchen area to set vibrant and organic accents. With a slim, linear floor cabinet lining one side of the home, a natural flow into common area is achieved. Ceiling fans and pendant lights are installed to draw eyes up to emphasize the vertical space. While interior is neat and simple, technological aspects are not primitive– lighting, home appliances and audio system can be operated by personalized voice command, smart phones and different scenario settings for smart living experience.
Description(Native) 客廳與下廚天地的設計別出心裁——含蓄低調的灰白色組合成了鮮色傢具和自然調子的完美背景,配合天然物料,打造出一個逃離城市繁囂生活的時尚聖所。單位一方更加建了一整列纖幼地櫃,在廚房和客廳之間營造自然過度,盡可能利用每個角落。設計師的用心設計並不止於此——雕塑風吊扇和細膩的吊燈恰如其分地把你的注意力帶到上方去,增強直向空間的比例。室內裝潢一方面以整潔簡約掛帥,但同時也仔細考慮到科技配置:大部分家電、音響和燈飾均可透過個人化聲音操作、智能電話及預設場境設定調節,打造智能家居生活。
Website www.pure-aws.com
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Sketchbook5, 스케치북5

Sketchbook5, 스케치북5

Sketchbook5, 스케치북5


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