Help Nap

Extra Form
Country China
Year 2017
Affiliation QuanZhou Normal University
Designer Fu,YouLei, Weng,ShiYing
Description(English) Due to the heavy work, many people often take a nap on the sofa or chair in the modern society.This design focus on helping people to take a good nap on the family sofa、office seat or car seat. It can effectively support the neck to avoid the discomfort produced by the neck shaking. It also can give the protection and support to your neck、shoulder、arm and waist as well as keep them warm. Through the side of the back of a chair by the methods such as on the seat or the sofa bed rest, it can relax the body and avoid oppression body joints, muscles and nerves.
Description(Native) 现在社会中许多人工作节奏紧张,在工作闲暇时段经常会在座椅和沙发休息,座椅上休息睡眠成为许多人普遍的生活常态。很多情况下由于在休息时没有合适辅助用品导致身体姿态扭曲,使身体关节、肌肉乃至神经受到扭曲压迫导致健康问题。 该设计产品用于在汽车座椅沙发、办公座椅沙发以及家庭座椅沙发上休息睡眠之用,能有效撑托脖颈,避免脖颈摇晃产生落枕酸痛等不适感,保护脖颈、肩周、手臂、腰部健康并对身体起到包裹、保暖和躯干支撑作用,可以全身放松地通过侧靠背靠等方式倚靠在座椅或沙发上休息睡觉。使在座椅或沙发上休息睡觉时避免压迫身体关节、肌肉和神经。
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Sketchbook5, 스케치북5


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