Extra Form
Country Hong Kong
Year 2017
Affiliation Design Action & Associates
Designer Vincent Li
Description(English) The designer is inspired by the power and motion of the blizzard and would like to preserve a moment of it. Just like a magician who can freezes the time.To give the cinema a very unique look, the designer imagined a blizzards and gusty wind swiping through every corner of the cinema.The designer chose the color white to represent the snowy blizzard.As you entered the cinema lobby to the theater,the walls are designed and formed like waves of wind making the space very dynamic and powerful.To enhance the ice sheets designed ceiling, the outline of the dark grey flooring mixed with the gradual white flooring correspond with the ceiling design.
Description(Native) 設計師希望將暴風雪那動感而具創造力的一刻捕捉,再像魔法師一樣,將空間靜止。 暴雪隨着狂風流動,穿越了影院,把影院面貌重新塑造。電影院以雪般的白色為主,牆身造型像跟隨風流動,並從入口開始席捲至影廳,動感的曲線在牆身出現,那活像狂風的軌跡。海報燈箱和電影場次在雪白的牆身發亮,就像在暴雪下的街燈,引領人們進場的方向。 流線貫穿了影院,通往不同區域,包括自動售票機,售票櫃檯,小賣部,等候區、入場走道和影廳入口等等,塑造出連貫的設計。天花造型像靜止的積雪,流動而有層次的造型在上方凝固。設計同時加入燈槽作點綴,令影院頓然變得有趣而活潑。深灰色地面慢慢被雪染白,沒染白的地方對應天花造型,增添互動的感覺。大堂柱子的造型似乎也被暴風雪影響,形成新的造型。與此同時,設計師在柱子上加設不同的功能牌,包括區域指向和進場指示等等,一目了然。設計師成功地將影院功能和雪暴場景結合,讓客人仿佛置身雪地之中。
Website www.designaction.com.hk
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