Funnel scoop


Extra Form
Year 2016
Affiliation Wuhan University of Technology
Designer Wenxin Xu, Xuexin Ouyang, Zhouquan Song
Description(English) This is a little scoop with the function of funnel.When the food material,such as millet,sesame,oat,is needed to put in to a container,it is not necessary for us to worry about the unmatched scoop and container.Just use it to scoop the food material,and then spin it,The food material will be poured into the container through the funnel in the handle.In this way,the food material won’t spill out,and the efficiency can be improved.
Description(Native) 这是一个带有漏斗功能的小铲子。当我们需要把一些食材,如小米,芝麻,燕麦等倒入容器中时,不需要担心铲子的口径和容器口径不匹配了。直接用漏斗铲子将食材铲起来,然后旋转,通过把手处的漏斗注入容器中。这样一来,食材不容易洒出,效率也会有所提高。它可以铲东西,当我们要把物品放进容器时,只需用铲子铲起来,然后很方便的通过漏斗使其进入。结合铲子和漏斗的功能,提高工作效率,适用于任何容器。
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