Extra Form
Year 2016
Affiliation Hanseo University
Designer SIM Yu Ri
Description(English) Scratch technique, among art techniques, is applied to the surface of suitcase. Scratch art is the technique, painting different color over the canvas with crayon or oil paints and making background color appear by scratching it with awl and knife. Even though a suitcase is scratched, the surface of different color appears as various colors are laid one upon another. As it gets more scratches, users can get their own characterful suitcase with harmony of colors.
Description(Native) 크레파스나 유화 물감 따위를 색칠한 위에 다른 색을 덧칠한 다음 송곳, 칼 따위로 긁어서 바탕색이 나타나게 하는 기법인 스크레치 미술기법을 케리어 겉면에 적용했습니다. 다양한 색의 페인팅을 겹겹이 쌓아서 스크레치가 생겨도 다른 색의 겉면이 보이는 디자인입니다. 스크레치가 많아질 수록 색의 조화로움과 자기만의 개성 있는 케리어를 만들어갈 수 있습니다.
  1. Crystal Glass turn into The Grotesque

  2. Fourtu International Reggae Poster Contest 2015


  4. Princess Pring

  5. SeoKyeong University Arts Institute Website 2017

  6. ZCB Interactive Displays

  7. Swipe the Weather

  8. Common Ground

  9. AEGIS

  10. VTDI

  11. elago W Charging Stand

  12. Hanbul Cosmetics E NATURE Packaging

  13. Natural Dehumidifier

  14. L.POINT Brand Design

  15. Hokkaido Dairy Farm Restaurant

  16. Made For IPTV

  17. adidas Superstar l Hall of Fame

  18. ORIGAMI ark


  20. Funnel scoop

  21. AlpenRoute Village

  22. [F-MONITOR] _Multi-display system

  23. Wind-ow

  24. Magical induction cookers


  26. Space 展開

  27. SCRATCH Carrier

  28. Compact Styler

  29. Mobi-Q

  30. Residence of Hsieh

  31. Hanging type fire extinguishing spray for home

  32. Glass Of Light

  33. Hurry Up

  34. Folding Spinning

  35. Contemporary Minimalism

  36. Safety Culture Magazine <You should live a long life.>

  37. Moonlight bracelet

  38. VISANG Education <V Magazine>

  39. Aqua Foam

  40. Effcient Needle

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Sketchbook5, 스케치북5


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