Extra Form
Year 2016
Affiliation China Academy of Art
Designer Songming Fan, Yinqian Cai, Carina Qiu, Guoqiang Zhang, Dongsheng Cheng
Description(English) Our entry subtly redesigns the prolific 5 gallon water containers used throughout the world.Water containers remain a staple in countries around the world. Whether it is in a developing economy or industrialized, these containers have established a foothold that is nearly impossible to completely replace. Despite their universal necessity, these containers pose problems of transport, handling and storage. With each container holding a minimum of five gallons of water, many find these too cumbersome to move about. We challenged ourselves to make minimal changes to this existing design and system of distribution to solve the maximum number of flaws.
Description(Native) 這是一款桶裝水桶的再次設計。目前,世界上很多國家仍在使用PC材料的桶裝水桶,很难被完全代替。然而此類產品始終存在一系列的問題,比如運輸、搬運、使用的各種不便。我們通過改變水桶本身的形態,使水桶在運輸、儲藏時可疊放,在搬運和使用時拋棄了繁瑣的過程,使其更方便,更輕鬆。我們避免了複雜設計,用最精簡的方式來解決大部分的問題。

  2. Assemnle bottle

  3. Solar Waterbag

  4. Bionic besom

  5. Origami animal tickets

  6. Easy welding

  7. Convenient For Pulling

  8. Warm Rescue


  10. Slim Fit Lounge Chair

  11. Transformation Of Scissors

  12. Integrated Infusion Box

  13. Aim Fire Extinguisher

  14. Extendable Ruler

  15. Inserance Barbell

  16. Smart Drill

  17. SoSole - Sneakers That Talk

  18. Flexible Cover Needle

  19. S Cradle

  20. Toilet Roll Cleaner

  21. Harbor Table

  22. Height Scale

  23. A modulized bag - Detach & Attach


  25. Brush drain cover

  26. Plate-in

  27. Hive Fun

  28. BELLO Restaurant

  29. KAWAII preparatory school

  30. Office of Danny Chiu Interior Designs Limited

  31. Air - X

  32. Aureole Lighting system

  33. +- screw driver

  34. RING Video doorbell packaging

  35. TYPO Keyboard for iPad Air package



  38. sacsac

  39. 5 IN 1 WORK TOOL

  40. Behind You

  41. Multipurpose Hanger

  42. Redesign of Barrelled Water

  43. Two-in-one

  44. SingCook

  45. Time/Intertwining

  46. Zen Industry

  47. UM Junior

  48. Life●Flying

  49. “ Timesaving Unidirectional ”spanner

  50. Korea On-air Cosmetic “RUE”

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Sketchbook5, 스케치북5

Sketchbook5, 스케치북5

Sketchbook5, 스케치북5

Sketchbook5, 스케치북5


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