Extra Form
Year 2016
Affiliation Willer Design
Designer Ma Hao, Li Shaochen
Description(English) The tea is packed by three glass containers, decorating content and directly fired bottles, which are hand-packed. In addition to our new try to the packaging, we also express our affection towards the tea, and we have strengthened bottle sealing caps. Each bottle has different lines, respectively fingerprints (never to betray the brotherhood), wood (everlasting friendship), and watermark (steady fate). Not only the wine is to express fraternal feelings between brothers, tea also does. We are not for complicated tea ceremony, just for only one sip! Friends are easy to make, but the intimate is hard to find, can you still remember the childhood playmate, now where you are? I could not speak of brotherhood, visible tea, another year, brothers, are you okay?
Description(Native) 茶叶分三瓶玻璃装,内容直接烤花工艺烧制与瓶体,采用玻璃瓶手工分装,除了我们对新的包装形式的尝试之外更多表达我们将感情融入到材质之中,我们加强了玻璃瓶瓶盖密封性。在设计上每瓶的纹路各不相同,分别为指纹(永不背叛的兄弟情),木纹(万古长青的友谊),水纹(细水长流的缘分),兄弟之间不只是酒可以表达兄弟的感情,茶亦可,我们不为繁复的茶道,只为那一口,痛快!朋友好交,莫逆难求,可还记得儿时的玩伴,而今您在哪里?讲不出的兄弟情,看得见的茶香,又是一年,兄弟,你还好吗?
Website http://vidoer.com
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