The Vineyard

Extra Form
Year 2016
Affiliation Anson Cheng Interior Design Ltd.
Designer Chau Kay Anson Cheng, Jennifer Siu, Janet Ma
Description(English) The Vineyard is a series of detached houses located in Hong Kong. The owners of the house are a couple with unique taste for their private living space. They are hoping for an innovative and unconventional design for their new home, therefore, designer employs a minimalist style, and puts great effort in detail designs, colours, materials. One of the main design concepts has been add to layers in the house through the use of colour, texture and lighting. Different staircases has been incorporated into the design to amp up the mood and style of the house.
Description(Native) 葡萄園是位於香港的獨立屋,屋主為一對夫婦,二人世界的居住空間都有著他們獨有的品位, 希望新居的設計能夠創新且突破傳統,因此設計師以簡約格調,更花盡心思在設計細節、用色、物料、層次製造及空間鋪陳方面上,為屋主打造雙方均滿意非常的完美現代大宅。客廳是個黑白為主空間,為免黑白設計在視覺上顯得單調,在每個範圍均加入一種顏色。飯廳同樣運用大量白色,只以黑色傢具及鮮艷畫作適量點綴,在牆上加插掛畫作為裝飾免破壞黑白的簡約觀感,特別選用三個白色畫框及凹凸細紋牆紙,細微的陰影做出有趣的視覺效果。設計師著重製造層次感,以白色為例,屋內使用了白色的雲石、鋼琴漆、焗白油的鐵、膠質及人造無縫石,帶出物料運用的層次。戶外花園亦是設計重點,設計師以富現代感的筆觸,豐富的層次妝點花園,例如增建一個小瀑布,以流動的水為花園注入獨特的大自然氣息。花園跟室內的大廳設計互相呼應,同以自然色系配搭當代的黑白色調。
Website http://ansonchengdesign.com.hk
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