Extra Form
Country Korea
Year 2017
Affiliation Hongik university
Description(English) King Kong Bab is a compound word of King, Kong (Korean word for soybean and rice), and Bab (Korean word for rice). By juxtaposing the popular character King Kong and the plan, the name emphasizes the benefits of soybean as one of the healthiest source for protein. We designed the character using the popular image of the King Kong, so that we can get closer to those who have a sense of rejection and prejudice to soybean. Packed full of nutrients, King Kong Bab is a simple and healthy convenience food that can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime.
Description(Native) 킹콩밥은 킹+콩밥, 킹콩+밥 의 합성어로 단백질 중 최고인 콩과 튼튼한 캐릭터의 킹콩을 상징화한다. 킹콩과 콩을 결합하여 캐릭터를 제작해 콩에 대한 거부감, 편견을 가지고 있는 사람들을 위해 좀 더 친숙하게 다가가고자 한다. 콩은 밭에서 나는 소고기 라고 불리울 정도로 다른 식물에 없는 9가지 필수 아미노산과 식이섬유, 비타민, 무기질 등이 들어 있는 영양 식품이다. 킹콩밥은 한 그릇에 담긴 컵밥의 형태로써 언제 어디서나 가볍게 즐길 수 있는 간편식이다. 밥 대신 즐길 수 있는 킹콩두유도 있다.
  1. Crystal Glass turn into The Grotesque

  2. Fourtu International Reggae Poster Contest 2015


  4. Princess Pring

  5. SeoKyeong University Arts Institute Website 2017

  6. ZCB Interactive Displays

  7. Swipe the Weather

  8. Common Ground

  9. AEGIS

  10. VTDI

  11. elago W Charging Stand

  12. Hanbul Cosmetics E NATURE Packaging

  13. Natural Dehumidifier

  14. L.POINT Brand Design

  15. Hokkaido Dairy Farm Restaurant

  16. Made For IPTV

  17. adidas Superstar l Hall of Fame

  18. ORIGAMI ark


  20. Funnel scoop

  21. AlpenRoute Village

  22. [F-MONITOR] _Multi-display system

  23. Wind-ow

  24. Magical induction cookers


  26. Space 展開

  27. SCRATCH Carrier

  28. Compact Styler

  29. Mobi-Q

  30. Residence of Hsieh

  31. Hanging type fire extinguishing spray for home

  32. Glass Of Light

  33. Hurry Up

  34. Folding Spinning

  35. Contemporary Minimalism

  36. Safety Culture Magazine <You should live a long life.>

  37. Moonlight bracelet

  38. VISANG Education <V Magazine>

  39. Aqua Foam

  40. Effcient Needle

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