LIFEASE Brand Identity


Extra Form
Year 2016
Affiliation Willer Design
Designer Ma Hao, Li Shaochen
Description(English) In the design process, we need to use figurative language to describe the healthy brand concept of LIFEASE, and establish an identification of the brand image. We will use the tender green buds as the basic element, giving fresh and healthy visual experience, and then form a circle in the center, combined with the three characters, namely, yuan, sheng and tang in a vertical column, which is on behalf of the Taoist concept that the way bears sensation, sensation bears memory, sensation and memory bear abstraction, and abstraction bears all the world. In the initiative of LIFEASE, people’s diet standard is rising. The overall brand image is less is more. All the packaging, handbags and posters are clean and elegant, which attracts more young clients that pay more attention to the quality of life.
Description(Native) 在设计过程中我们需要用形象化的语言阐述LIFEASE品牌的健康理念,树立具有识别性的品牌形象。我们将嫩绿色的叶芽作为基本元素,给人新鲜健康的视觉体验。然后中心环绕形成圆,配合“源”“生”“堂”三个字排成竖列组合,代表一生二,二生三,三生无形,生生不息的理念,体现在LIFEASE的的倡导下,人们的饮食水平不断提升。整体品牌形象偏向时尚简约,在所有包装、手提袋及海报上的应用干净优雅,利于给品牌带来更多注重生活品质的年轻消费群体。
Website http://vidoer.com
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  21. LIFEASE Brand Identity

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  24. Tools.

  25. Holder Battery

  26. Invert Spray

  27. Feel the baby kick


  29. Lift-ring Battery


  31. KaraBurner

  32. childbirth kit

  33. Roll Paper Core

  34. Eco tap

  35. UHPC(ultra Hybrid Persona Computer)

  36. Find an Available Clothhanger

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  39. LASURE [Laser+Measure]

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  50. Bottle camping lantern

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