PAOPAO Pet Manager


Extra Form
Year 2016
Affiliation Willer Design
Designer Ma Hao, Li Shaochen
Description(English) Throughout the present wearable intelligent products, technologies are similar, and the appearance embodies science and technology lifestyle. In order to distinguish from the similar intelligent products, from the very beginning we position it as the fashionable pet health management expert, and target the young women who love pets as the end users. The female’s psychological pursuit of the beauty is used. It seems as if they put the beloved hairpin while using this product. We make PAOPAO Pet Mannager into a smart pet jewelry, acrylic appearance of diamond-cutting process is used, a variety of colors are selected to match different coat color of dogs. Furthermore, in order to more easily wear on the pet, we design four different styles of silicone sets according to the preferences of the generations after 1990s, make your pet fashionable and different.
Description(Native) 纵观现在的可穿戴智能产品,技术都大同小异,外观科技感十足。我们在设计之初为了区别于同类智能化产品,将产品定位时尚的宠物健康管理专家,人群锁定为爱宠的年轻女性,结合女性爱美的心理,如同为自己戴上心爱的发卡,我们将PAOPAO Pet Mannager打造成了一枚智能的宠物首饰,外观采用亚克力钻石切割的工艺,有多种颜色可选,以配合不同毛色的狗狗。此外为了能够更容易的佩戴在宠物项圈上,根据90后人群的不同喜好,我们设计了4款不同风格的萌宠硅胶套,让您的宠物潮范十足,与众不同。
Website http://vidoer.com
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