The most significant value of K-Design Award is to provide the most convenient, accurate, and valuable design screening in the world based on judging system not on personal competences of evaluators. The judging committee consists of competent and experienced teaching staffs and directors. This was intended to secure fairness under the dimensions of K-Design Award in addition to provide highly reliable selective standard through experts of various fields, in terms of theories and practical experiences. The order of screening will go by the judges selecting the nominees and placing works in rank based on their order of preference.

Director. Keiko Akatsuka

JAPAN / Keiko Akatsuka & Associates

Keiko Akatsuka is Japanese Art Director and Designer for product packaging mainly. Also she is the Founder of '6Sense.' based in Estonia. She has worked on various brand buildings focused on package design for clients and launched Visual Identities. Her achievement on her works were highly evaluated internationally. And in recent years, she has received Gold Award twice at Top International Packaging Competition 'Pentawards'.

Her aim for designing is to represent and pursue 'the least thing which make consumer memorize in heart and eyes' from both 2D and 3D. She also received awards at K-Design Awards, Pentawards, A'Design Awards, The Dieline Awards, Japan Package Design Annual, Tokyo Type Director's Club Annual, The Graphis Design Annual, and HOW Promotion & Marketing Design Awards. Keiko became a jury member for K-Design Awards and Asia Design Prize from 2018.

  1. KOREA
    Prof. Ken Nah
    IDAS. Hongik University

  2. CHINA
    Prof. Fan Shengxi
    Tongji Universtiy

  3. USA
    Prof. Andy Law
    Rhode Island School of Design

  4. JAPAN
    Prof. Shingo Ando
    Kyoto Arts and Crafts University

  5. USA
    Prof. Andrea Ruggiero
    Parsons School of Design

  6. CHINA
    Prof. Bao Haimo
    Dalian Minzu University

    Prof. Hans Tan
    National University of Singapore

  8. JAPAN
    Prof. Yoshimaru Takahashi
    Osaka University of Arts

  9. KOREA
    Prof. Sunah Kim
    Kumoh National Institute of Technology

    Prof. Brian Lucid
    Massey University

  11. SWEDEN
    Director. Thomas Johansson

  12. JAPAN
    Director. Tetsuya Matsumoto
    KTX archiLAB

  13. CHINA
    Director. An Luo
    TEAMS Design

  14. CHINA
    Prof. Yuxiang Kuang
    Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics art of school

  15. USA
    President. Fabian Geyrhalter

  16. FRANCE
    Architect. Jean Frizzi

  17. ITALY
    Director. Michi Del Rosso
    AWD Agency

  18. CHINA
    Prof. Gan SenZhong
    Art College of Xiamen University

  19. CANADA
    Editor in Chief. Sarang Sheth

  20. CHINA
    Prof. Gou Rui
    Southwest Jiaotong University

  21. POLAND
    Architect. Rafał Wróblewski
    Photon Images

  22. CHINA
    Director. Zhou Wenjun
    524 Studio

  23. KOREA
    CEO. Yoo Inoh

  24. KOREA
    CEO. SeJoon Park

  25. USA
    Designer. Jacob Marks
    J&J Medical Devices

  26. CHINA
    Director. Wang Guanhua

  27. JAPAN
    President. Masuo Fujimura
    Fujimura Design Studio

    CEO. Red Redrico
    Creative Manila

  29. INDIA
    CS Director. Radhika Mehra
    Ogilvy India

  30. JAPAN
    Director. Keiko Akatsuka
    Keiko Akatsuka & Associates

    Director. Bryan Angelo Lim
    qu’est-ce que c’est design

  32. KOREA
    CEO. Doyoung Kim

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K-设计大奖是由 DESIGNSORI CO.,LTD 主办并举办,取消了造型的简单性和复杂性,不仅通过优秀的设计实现创意的具体化,并赋予产品创造潜力真正的价值。以这样的目标为基础,期待着由设计者,公司,设计机关及设计工作室推出最佳的设计理念,构成卓越的设计形态,制作出有创意的作品。




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